Bree Davenport

Portrayed by

Kelli Berglund


Subject B (designation) Bozo, Hairy Mary, Little Flash and Scram (Chase) Glow Stick, Pixie, Lipstick, Lady Blah-blah, Fast-feet, Squat Mug, Stickpop, Girl, Droid Baby, Robot Bellhop Doll (Principal Perry), Girlie, Joan (Adam), My Little Princess, The Bearded Lady (Donald Davenport), Señorita Sasquatch (Junior Class), Boy hips, Bionic She-man, Slob (Kerry Perry), My Muse (Owen), Teach (Lexi), Cupcake (Marcus Davenport), Princess (Douglas Davenport), Breezy, Little Momma, Little Lady, Boo (Bob)


Douglas Davenport (Biological Father), Donald Davenport (Adoptive father; Uncle),Tasha Davenport (Stepmother; Aunt), Chase Davenport (Younger Brother), Adam Davenport (Older Brother), Leo Dooley (Step-Brother/Cousin), Marcus Davenport (Android Brother; Deceased), Rose Dooley (Adoptive)

Resides in

Mission Creek,California(Previously) Davenport Bionic Academy

Bionic Abilities

Speed, Navigation System, Insanely High Jumps, Voice Imitation


Ethan (ex-boyfriend), Owe (ex-boyfriend), Kavan (ex-boyfriend), Jake Chambers, Sebastian (ex-crush), Bob (one-sided-crush on his side)

Seen in

Every episode

Bree is the sixteen year-old lab rat with an accelerating speed rate. Her bionic powers are due to her lean figure. Her body could be considered additional use of powers. She can also jump insanely high which can also be
considered a glitch. Bree has an boyfriend, Ethan . Bree really gets more help from Tasha because they are the only girls in the house. Tasha often acts like a teenager so she can help Bree.
Tasha also acts as a mother figure for Adam, Bree, and Chase, but mostly Bree, because they are the only girls in the house. She is a sagittarius.