Chase Davenport

Portrayed by:

Billy Unger


Chasey (Adam) Squat mug (Principle Perry) Vanna (Leo)

Bionic Abilities

Intelligence, Senses, Hearing, Forecefields and Telekinesis


Bree (sister), Adam (Brother), Mr. Davenport (Father), Leo (step-brother), Tasha (Step-Mother)

Seen in

Every episode

Chase is the youngest and smartest of the three Lab Rats. In the episode "Chip Switch ", Mr. Davenport said he had given Chase the super smarts because he looks alot like a nerd. Chase will sometimes obsess over things way more than he should causing his school mates to thing he is a weirdo. Chase can be full of himself at times like in Mission Space when it was shown that he has a shirt that says "Mission Leader" on it but can usually come up with a solution in the end.