Leo Dooley

Portrayed by

Tyrel Jackson Williams


Leo Doodey (by mean kids at his old school)




Tasha (Mother), Rose Dooley (Grandmother), Bree (Step-Sister), Adam and Chase (Step-Brothers), Mr. Davenport "Big D" (Step-Father)

Seen in

Every episode

Leo Dooley

Leo Dooley is a short, normal kid who wants to be popular. He is excited to have a billionaire dad and new bionic siblings. Leo is constantly messing things up and then winds up helping Adam, Bree and Chase to fix everything.

In the episode, concert in a can, the gang meets a new student named Marcus. They befriend him and Chase, Adam, and Marcus make a band. Leo kept bothering them feeling left out so Marcus lets him join in. When the boys leave to go to the lab, Marcus breaks his guitar. After the brothers are back from the lab, Marcus blames Leo for the destruction of his guitar. Later, Eddy tells Leo he caught Marcus on camera breaking his guitar. Leo rushes to school and is about to show everyone the video when Marcus confesses to the crime. The gang asked him to dinner but he said he first needed to apologize to Leo. He tells Leo it was a fake apology and tells him to watch his back.


  • Likes Janelle