Userboxes are a fun way to say something like, "Hey! I think Eddy is amazing!" Here is an example

Eddy This person thinks that Eddy is awesome and funny!

Here is how you make one

1st. You make a new page and call it Template: (What You Want Your Code To Be)

2nd. Switch to source mode (if it isn't already there) and enter this code:

{| cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" style="width:238px; background: NAMEOFCOLOR; border: 3px solid NAMEOFCOLOR" | style="width:45px; height:45px; background: NAMEOFCOLOR; text-align:center; font-size:14pt;" |170px | style="font-size:8pt; padding:4pt; line-height:1.25em;" |SAY WHAT YOU WANT TO SAY |}

Change the colors and the description fields. And chose a picture for it.

3rd. Press the preview button to see if you like it. Love it? Press publish. Hate it? Press canel and try another color or something.

GUIDLINES (Don't worry, there aren't many)

  • If there is already a userbox with the same name, don't go and erase the other one.
  • No hating on the characters in Lab Rats. the actors or well ANYBODY
  • Don't edit other people's userbox. 

Now you can put this on your page! Feel free to add the codes on your page so other users can use it too!

Any questions? Ask any of the admins!